2&2: Trail of Dead

(antiMusic) This week's 2&2 features an interview Thrashpit editor Mark Hensch did with Conrad from .. Trail of Dead a few weeks back with the release of their new CD So Divided. We gave the Thrashpit readers an early look at the interview but here it is in its official 2&2 posting.

2&2: Worlds Apart had some pretty strong political undertones. How exactly do you feel about the state of our country? ** Conrad: I think you're all f**ked! No, I think we can work things out. Maybe not without something really, truly awful happening first. But more important than the state of this country or any other country, I focus mainly on the future of the human animal (as well as all the other disenfranchised animals). I think if all goes well countries, and hopefully organized religions, will one day be a thing of the past.

2&2: The best part about your music is that it never sacrifices intelligence for catchiness. Do you feel that this brand of "smart rock" will ever replace the trash that is on radio now? ** Conrad: Honestly? No. But homeland security can't arrest us for hoping and pretending that it might someday. [see full story for the entire 2&2 interview. - Click here for the Full Story

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