2&2: Unwritten Law

(antiMusic) This week we speak with Scott Russo about what's happening with Unwritten Law and his other music project Scott & Aimee. Scott took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some email questions for us.

2&2: You guys did something different with "The Hit List" by rerecording/rearranging your fan favorites... ** Scott: We wanted to do a best of disc to connect the dots for people who had heard these songs on the radio or TV, but weren't familiar with the band.in doing so, we were confronted by gathering tracks from 5 studio records and 4 labels.. It was going to be impossible to get the 4 labels to agree to give us the tracks ,so we seized the opportunity tore record these songs to make them fresh for us and for the fans..

2&2: I hear you have a side project... ** Scott: I'm involved with a project called Scott and Aimee� it's not a side project, as I'm equally loyal to this as well.. we recorded a record called "sitting in a tree" that we just released and is currently available at scottandaimee.com� we're still in the works of finding a distribution home for it.. we plan on touring the s*** out of this..the band consists of my girl, Aimee Allen, my brother Jon Grill, and long time friend Dylan Howard� it's in the vane of southern California rock and reggae.. you can get a sample at www.myspace.com/scottandaimee if you'd like to check it.. Aimee is the new voice of female empowerment.. I'm very proud and xcited to be side by side with her on this..[read more at the full story link] - Click here for the Full Story

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