Sir Bono? U2 Singer To Get Worthless Royal Honor - OP/ED

(Cat8Dog) U2 can be royalty. Wait a second, not really. Irish crusader and sometimes singer Bono is set to become a knight of the British Empire but the kicker is he won't really be a knight and you won't have to call him "Sir".

Bono will be given an honorary knighthood early in 2007 at the hands of the British ambassador to Ireland, David Reddaway. The ceremony will occur in Dublin, not England. But maybe it will be televised and we can watch via pay-per-view?

So what's the Sir business? Won't Bono be joining the likes of Sir Macca and Lady Elton? Nope, because he's from Ireland not Britain or the Commonwealth of former British colonies, the honor is rather worthless as he won't be a real knight and you won't be able to officially call him Sir Bono. Ireland withdrew from the Commonwealth in 1949.

In the grade scheme of things and human events does this really matter? Not really, but Bono will be an honorary knight, and he hopes that will open diplomatic doors from him in his crusades for African aid.

But is it legal? That's a whole other question. Irish officials are reportedly legally barred from receiving British royal honors, but Bono isn't an official and the Irish government supposedly signed off on his fake knighthood.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair sent Bono a letter about the honor and the singer released it to the press on Saturday. "I know from talking to you how much these causes [African aid]matter to you," Blair wrote. "I know as well how knowledgeable you are about the problems we face and how determined you are to do all you can to help overcome them. You have tirelessly used your voice to speak up for Africa."

Blair hopes he and the singer can continue "to work together to maintain momentum on Africa, and ensure leaders around the world meet the promises they have made."

You humans and your silly titles. But I do have a question, what in the hell does a Prime Minister have to do with monarchy? Oh wait, the British also have fake monarchs. Now it all makes sense.

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