Diddy Dog Fur Coats For Xmas - OP/ED

(Cat8Dog) Bad news for the suckers that purchased one of Sean "Diddy" Comb's shiddy "faux" fur coats, you are wearing Fido. That's right, Diddy can't even get faux fur right. But he has finally found a good use for dogs.

The Humane Society of the United States reportedly performed mass spectrometry testing on the Sean John coats and found that the "raccoon fur" was actually from the East Asian raccoon dog, which like Diddy looks like the real deal but isn't. The raccoon dog is actually a member of the canidae species, which includes dogs, wolves and foxes. So maybe it was supposed to be fox fur? Hip-hoppers are not always known for their spelling skillz.

Diddy or didn't he know? Diddy reportedly didn't have any idea he was offering up dog fur coats to the public until the Humane Society advised him and he pledges to remove the dead dog fur line immediately. "I was completely unaware of the nature of this material, but as soon as we were alerted, the garments were pulled off the Macy's floor and website," Diddy said. "I have instructed our outerwear licensee to cease the production of any garments using this material immediately."

You see when he's not dreaming up stupid nicknames like Puff Daddy and P.Diddy, he's licensing said stupid names to companies to cash in on suckers stupid enough to pay for something with his shiddy name on it. It worked so well for Gene Simmons.

As for Macy's they pulled the line from their stores last week. A spokesman for Macy's said, "our company has a standing policy against the selling of any dog or cat fur. [That's good to know, but what about human pelts?] This policy is clearly communicated to all suppliers. Any violation of our policies or contracts is pursued vigorously with our suppliers."

It's not bad enough that you may be wearing a dead dog, let alone paying good money for something associated with Diddy but the way these dogs are treated in order to get their fur isn't pretty. Not even dogs deserve that treatment. You can read more about that at this by clicking here.

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  ozzy on 2006/12/23 20:59:18
So you\'re telling me that the \'Coon coat for Dawgs was really a Dog Coat for \'Coons?