Nutty Law Passed in New York - OP/ED

(Cat8Dog) Most New Yorkers are nuts, just look at their Senators, but there is good news for those NY nuts--- big brother passed a law requiring your medical insurance to cover your mental defect treatment!

Depressed? You're covered! Skinny enough to win a Nicole Richie look-alike contest? You're covered too! Gov. George Pataki signed the bill into law on Friday which requires that state regulated insurance plans offer mental health coverage to roughly 7 million humans in the state.

No word yet on preexisting condition coverage. Insurance companies could probably get away with saying that the act choosing to live in New York may qualify as a preexisting mental defect. Obviously businesses and insurance companies weren't happy about the law and fought it for years but the Gov finally gave in and signed the bill. Still no vet coverage for pets though.

Humans that are under plans regulated by the Bigger Brothers in the Fed are SOL as this plan only applies to plans controlled by the state Big Brothers. That includes most overpaid union workers. But their bumper stickers claim they live better anyway so they probably don't need the coverage.

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