Rocky Returns as Botoxy! - OP/ED

(Cat8Dog) The Italian Stallion may have given way to an aged Botox Stallion but that didn't keep moviegoers away from the latest installment in the Rocky franchise.

Rocky Balboa was released on Wednesday and brought in $6.2 million. The Hollywood reporter estimates that the three day gross for the film came in around $14.7 million. Not enough for a knockout but Sylvester Stallone can flash that big Botox limiting smile because his film is still a contender for the top 3 at the Christmas box office.

What kind of crap are humans watching this weekend? Ben Stiller banal comedy "Night at the Museum" took an early lead with $12.25 million on Friday. Will Smith's "The Pursuit of Happyness," came in second with $5.3 million and in the Gigli box office disappointment category we have Ben Affleck's shadow Matt Damon and his new turkey, "The Good Shepherd," a flic about the early days of the CIA (actually OSS) that Robert De Niro couldn't even direct to a smash hit as it brought in $3.5 million on Friday, squeeking by a movie about a pig and spider that had a week's headstart. What would Wild Bill Donovan think?

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