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(Cat8Dog) What would Tyler Durden do if he hadn't had a hit movie in a while? No one knows, since Tyler Durden is a fictional character. However, Edward Norton latest attempt to move back to the moviemaking "A List" was a real pain in the neck for the fading actor. Or should we say pain in the back. You see Norton says that he broke his back during the filming of his latest film "The Painted Veil." But don't worry he has made a miraculous recovery just in time to do press for his film.

Ed was out galloping away on a horse getting ready to film a scene and Mr. Ed had other ideas and tossed his ass to the ground. "One of those horses chucked me off pretty badly," the 37-year-old actor told AP Radio News. "I broke my spine in like three places. I broke my back. I broke three vertebrae in my back."

"I felt like my back was horribly wrenched but I sort of assumed I was OK, and I didn't actually find out I had broken it until I went to Hong Kong," he said. "I cracked my 10th, 11th and especially my 12th thoracic vertebrae."

Ok, not to bag on Ed too badly, he is one of the few quality actors in Hollywood these days and you gotta give anyone that beats up Brad Pitt extra points, but he has picked some pretty crap films lately. "The Painted Veil," is a romantic drama and was filmed entirely in China. So don't expect "Fight Club" fans to flock to theaters to see it.

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