Saddam Hussein Executed

(Cat8Dog) Saddam Hussein has joined the elite Dead Dictators Club. It's a club that's harder to get into than Los Angeles' Losers Lounge a.k.a. Hyde. The hangman didn't turn the "Butcher of Baghdad" away at the gallows; he welcomed him with open noose on Saturday.

Saddam made a latch ditch effort to get his 72 virgins by clutching a Quran as he was lead to his death. Meanwhile, the natives celebrated in the streets of Sadr City when they learned Saddam had been executed before sunrise Saturday.

The state run TV station Iraqiya interviewed National Security adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie following the execution. "Saddam's execution was 100 percent Iraqi and the American side did not interfere," al-Rubaie said. "He did not ask for anything. He was carrying a Quran and said: 'I want this Quran to be given to this person,' a man he called Bander." Bad news for Saddam, his dying wish won't be fulfilled as al Rubaie has no idea who Bander is according to the folks at AP. We can help him out, Saddam was probably talking about former chief judge of Saddam's Revolutionary Court Awad Hamed al-Bander, who was also sentenced to die. Pretty bad when your National Security adviser can't figure that out. Not to mention, AP reporters that have followed this story. But that's another story.

The man who ordered the ousting of Saddam, U.S. President George Dubya Bush called Saddam's execution "the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime." Kind of expected a "woo hoo" or two, maybe he did it off camera?
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