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(Chipster) Megadeth has teamed with Capitol Records/EMI Music Catalog Marketing to unleash Arsenal of Megadeth, a new comprehensive two-disc DVD collection available March 21. A visual career anthology containing 32 previously unreleased clips, Arsenal of Megadeth chronicles the rise and evolution of the band, providing fans with a heavy metal armory of music videos, interviews, home video shot by Megadeth’s own Dave Mustaine and hidden tracks. Clocking in at almost three hours, Arsenal of Megadeth’s track list was personally compiled by Mustaine, ensuring the ultimate head-hammering Megadeth experience.

Following the 2005 release of Megadeth’s Greatest Hits: Back to the Start CD and deluxe CD/DVD collections of singles and fan favorites, Arsenal of Megadeth provides fans with the most in-depth look ever provided into the band’s storied history. In addition to 20 of the band’s music videos, Arsenal contains a bevy of career-spanning previously unreleased material, including behind the scenes audition footage, a 1995 band appearance on MTV’s “Most Wanted,” a clip of Dave Mustaine’s guest appearance on “The Drew Carey Show,” and concert footage from 2005’s GIGANTOUR - essential cuts for every Megafan.

In 2005, Megadeth was the headbanging, headlining act of Dave Mustaine’s GIGANTOUR, a tour founded on the principles of “fan-friendly” pricing and accessibility to the music. Mustaine’s vision for GIGANTOUR was to "put together a festival that consisted of positive bands that play heavy music in a high energy environment." 2005’s inaugural GIGANTOUR did just that and was an immense international success. Arsenal of Megadeth contains previously unreleased concert footage from the tour, including a live performance of Megadeth’s metal anthem, “Peace Sells.”

Megadeth was formed in 1983, and in the words of The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years director Penelope Spheeris, “[have] always been intelligent and uncompromising; they gave an entire generation a new perspective on our troubled world.”

Megadeth members Dave Mustaine, Glen Drover (lead and rhythm guitar), James MacDonough (bass) and Shawn Drover (drums) keep themselves engaged with their fanbase by regularly posting to the official Megadeth website (www.megadeth.com). The site connects fans to the Megadeth eBay auction site and fan forums, and provides up-to-date official information on all-things-Megadeth.

As Megadeth rips into its 23rd year, check out Arsenal of Megadeth – an essential weapon for every Rattlehead and metal lover’s own DVD armory.

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