New GNR Leak: Full Demo of Better

(antiMusic) Another full Guns N' Roses song has leaked onto the internet. This time it is the full demo for the track "Better," the track originally leaked out as a clip that was less than a minute and half but enough to get fans excited about the song. The full five minute demo features a ripping guitar solo as well as some unexpected change-ups from the original leaked clip. If this is the direction Axl has taken GNR, most fans will be pleased with the results.

Many believe that an announcement is coming really soon regarding the release of Chinese Democracy, with the most prevalent rumor placing the release date as March 28th. However, it is not clear which label the CD would be released by (Geffen or Sanctuary) and reps from both labels told MTV this week they haven't heard anything about the long awaited album.

From a previous report from 2/20/06: The good ship Guns N' Roses is leaking like crazy. Two more songs have surfaced online following two leaks last week. One of the new leaked tracks is a studio quality demo of the song "Twat" and the other leak is what appears to be a demo studio mix of the song "The Blues". The rumor mill is also churning at full speed with speculation that the tracks "Prostitute" and "The General" will soon be leaked as well.

The Axl Rose led Guns N' Roses performed "The Blues" during their 2001 New Year's Eve concert in Las Vegas as well as on their 2002 tour. While the GNR leaks have been big news in the underground and among the Gunner faithful, the mainstream media by-in-large have ignored the story. This has opened the doors to some interesting conspiracy theories.

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