Supernova and Friends

(antiMusic) Supernova, the supergroup put together for the second season of CBS's Rock Star will be getting a little help from their friends when it comes to judging the aspiring singers in the television contest. Dave Navarro, host and an executive producer of the show revealed to Tara Merrin of the Calgary Sun that he's personally calling on some friends to guest judge this season.

"We are going to have a weekly guest judge that I'm bringing from my own personal Rolodex -- Macy Gray, Slash, Rob Zombie and Moby," says Navarro. "They are going to give their opinion of who they think should stay and who should go."

He also warns that the hopefuls better keep in mind which band they are trying out for, "What they chose and how they perform it will say more to Supernova than if they had to do one of their songs because if someone picks a Duran Duran song, I am simply going to say, 'You want to join Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke and that's the song you choose?'" [click the full story link for the entire Calgary Sun article] - Click here for the Full Story

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