Mahavatar US Release

(PR) Escapi Music will release the stateside debut of pan-world metal band Mahavatar, From the Sun, the Rain, the Wind, the Soil, on August 15th. It�s an album that sounds as organic as its name implies, juxtaposing unique rhythmic thrusts against odd percussive latitudes. The two women at its core�vocalist Lizza Hasan (Israel) and lead guitarist Karla Williams (Kingston, Jamaica)�are a very special tandem of talent. Flanked by guitarist Shahar (Israel), bassist Szymon (Poland) and drummer Eran Asias (Israel), Lizza and Karla have fine-tuned their rather individualistic and eclectic dreamscape of sound into an anthemic metal statement for the ages.

From metal aficionados to alternative curiosity seekers, the CD�previously released only in Europe with a different mix, mastering, title, personnel and two less cuts�is a testament to the spirituality, aggression, musicianship and fortitude of the two women at the helm of Mahavatar.

Track Listing: 1. Cult * 2 By The Numbers * 3. Raw * 4. BH * 5. Open your Minds * 6. Psychos * 7. The Prophecy * 8. Deep Cobble * 9. Angeer * 10. The Time Has Come *

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