Crazy Messiah

(sleazeroxx.com) In a recent interview former Shotgun messiah vocalist Zinny J. Zan had the following to say about his firing from that band.

"The situation in Shotgun was getting more strained and at the end it was Tim & Harry doing their stuff and Stixx and I doing ours, so the whole we against the world feeling was gone so to speak. I had hard feelings, yeah, cause they painted a picture of me being a crazy guy, out of my mind and never gave me credit for anything. Trying to make me a laugh, and that did hurt. Now I do not have any hard feelings towards them at all, it is in the past. Harry is doing his thing, Tim is doing his and I do mine and Stixx and I keep in touch every now and then. We meet, have a beer or Stixx joins Zan Clan and plays drums on "Care Bout Nothin", a Shotgun song that Zan Clan always play."[see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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