Tricky Bizzniss

(PR) Electro-rock duo TRICKY BIZZNISS prepares to release their debut self-titled album, releasing September 12, 2006 on EsNtion Records. The duo is none other than the former vocalist for the highly-acclaimed group The Crystal Method Trixie Reiss and 2-time Grammy nominee Ernie Lake.

Coming from two diverse backgrounds, Trixie Reiss and Ernie Lake had their first meeting on September 10th, 2001. Their goal was to collaborate their talents and make music that was new and exciting. The very next day was the day the world changed forever. Every artist, including Trixie and Ernie, had to re-think their ideals and how to deal with their music and audience. They put their project on hold and reconvened a while later to reignite their discussions, and ultimately TRICKY BIZZNISS was born. The name was fitting, as entering into a new venture during the difficult emotional era post-9/11 was, in itself, a tricky business move.

When they were coming to terms with their goal for the album, they decided to make something less heady and dense than originally planned. The music of TRICKY BIZZNISS was to be something very positive and uplifting. They wanted to give America and the world what it needed � a fun group of songs. �This album is all about having fun,� says Trixie.

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