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(antiMusic) We've been teasing you for months on antiMusic but the wait will be over next Tuesday when Redding's debut album finally hits stores! Who is Redding? A promising Midwest Indie Rock / Shoegaze band that blends together the best elements of Britpop and Brit-alt rock, think Coldplay meets Radiohead as expressed in the following portion of their bio.

Redding's four members are students at Greenville College, a small liberal arts school in town -- full-time students, aged 19 to 25. But Redding's not your garden-variety Midwest rock band. Devout anglophiles, these four young gentlemen have created a mature, melodic and atmospheric album that defies age and geography, venturing into the anthemic turf of Britpop (Coldplay, Travis) and the dark, intricate sensitivity of bands like Doves, Elbow, and Radiohead.

antiMusic has always been about diversity and quality and our editor Keavin Wiggins explains how we became involved with helping promote the Redding debut, "One of our biggest goals at antiMusic is to expose promising new artists to our readers and when I heard Redding the first time I knew right away that they were a band we would get behind. So when Rock Ridge asked if we would be interested in partnering with them to help launch Redding's debut album, I jumped at the opportunity to lend our support because not only does the music deserve as much exposure as possible but I know Rock Ridge is one of the few labels out there that is actually in the business for the music first and foremost." [If Indie Rock / Shoegaze is your thing click the exclusive previews on the right hand menu across the antiMusic network (just below the Redding banner) and pick up a copy of the album next Tuesday. Even if it's not you usual thing, check it out anyway!]

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