Rock n Women: All That Remains' Jeanne Sagan

(antiMusic) We kick off our final week of the Rock n Women special hard and heavy with All That Remains' Jeanne Sagan. Morley caught up with her recently to discuss her joining the band, their new album, Sounds of the Underground tour, Ozzfest 06 and more. In this excerpt she discusses how she got the gig.

antiMUSIC: How did you come to join the band?

Jeanne: Laughs. How did I? Let me see. I was working on sound last summer for Prosthetics Records, doing the whole merch table thing. And I don't know, I know them from home, we're all from the same area. I had played with bands that had played with them. Around here it's kinda like a cool scene, everybody knows everybody. I was at the right place at the right time. Pretty much they just needed someone, so I jumped into the van the day after sound, did a tour. [see the full story link for the entire interview]
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