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(Stella Brown) Dying to see Ours perform live? Brood not, as Ours keeps announcing shows, albeit scattered in date, venue, and timing. I caught the band in Boston back in April, when they opened for Dredg's post-Taste-of-Chaos tour. Ours played a seven-song set that was just a tease- but bursting with power, emotion, and kicked out by a tight new band line-up. Ours followed that successful pairing with their own headliner summer tour, giving fans longer sets that showcased several of the latest compositions from Jimmy Gnecco's substantial catalogue of unreleased songs.

Rumors abound about the release of the third album, over four years in the making. What tracks will be on it? When will it be in stores? What is it titled? But why hurry pushing out a product when Jimmy is so obviously enjoying the creative process? Jimmy has treated his fans to two new songs, "Get Up," and "Willing" and noted that the former will be on the anticipated third release. The latter should be given serious consideration for release as a single.

In the meanwhile, if you have yet to catch this band, get in line for your tickets and discover why the music is worth the wait.

Upcoming shows:
July 12, 2006, New York City, NY @ Canal Room, (special solo acoustic performance with guests Static, Zoe Bonham & blue hippopotamus)
July 28, 2006, Boston @ Harper's Ferry
July 29, 2006, Buffalo @ Showplace Theatre
August 7, 2006, Philadelphia @ North Star
Ticket information on Ours' website at: http://www.ours.net/tour.html

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