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(antiMusic) For today's installment of Rock N Women Morley speaks with Noelle from Damone about their new album Out Here All Night. In this excerpt Noelle talks about some of the major challenges the band faced after the release of the debut on RCA. Most band's don't get a second chance after signing to an inept label (at least when it comes to breaking rock artists) but luckily for Damone and their fans, Island stepped up to offer them one.

antiMUSIC: Congrats on the new record. I really like it. There's tons of energy and great songs. I'm sure it's going to do really well for you. It sounds like there have been a few problems in between finishing the tour for your first record and this one. What can you tell us about the struggles you faced?

Noelle: Well, we ended touring after the first record, because it wasn't doing too good. And then we started recording on our own for a while because our record label at the time wasn't all that supportive of us. We weren't as much a priority as we are now with Island. So we had that struggle with our first label, and that turned out for the better, cuz now we're with Island and they're awesome. And also during the recording there was a lot going on and we were already stressed out for the reason we weren't really sure what was going to happen with the record label and whatnot. And at one point Vazquez was´┐Żactually he passed out due to exhaustion and hit his head and was in a coma and that made things really difficult but he's doing really well now. [see the full story for the entire interview]
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