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(PR) For musicians, the answer to their age-old question has finally arrived: how can a musician stay committed to his music without worrying about paying for next months rent? GroupieTunes.com gives artists the outlet to promote their music, make cash and stay in touch with their fans all at the same time. On GroupieTunes.com, musicians can create their own webpage which includes a blog that can be edited through their cell phones. Additionally, artists can upload their songs and sell them as ringtones through the site. This provides artists with an outlet to make cash while still promoting their music. GroupieTunes gives musicians the opportunity to subsidize their income while promoting their music through their ringtones and the website.

Bombshell, a trendy New York City indie band is the newest group to take advantage of GroupieTunes' entrepreneurial opportunities. Amy, Carrie and Melanie have made their online home at GroupieTunes where they blog, chat with their fans and sell their ringtones. Selling their music as ringtones has been an ideal way of covering the costs for their first CD which is launching this week. While touring to promote their inaugural CD, Bombshell will be keeping in touch with their fans through their blog on GroupieTunes.

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