Celtic Support Confirmed

(PR) Celtic Frost are very proud to announce the following support billing for the group's fall 2006 North American tour:

For the first leg of the tour, from September 12 (Springfield, Virginia) to October 2, 2006 (Portland, Oregon), Celtic Frost will be joined by renown Norwegian black metal shooting stars 1349 as well as Norwegian doom supergroup Sahg (featuring some of the most distinguished musicians of Norway's effervescent metal scene, namely members of Manngard and 2005 Norwegian Grammy award winners Audrey Horne as well as former Gorgoroth members King and Kvitrafn). These will be the first North American shows for both 1349 and Sahg.

From October 3 (San Francisco, California) to the end of the tour, on November 11, 2006 (Johnson City, New York), Celtic Frost will be supported by eminent American black/death metal group Goatwhore.

Moreover, Celtic Frost are very proud to be able to announce the addition of American drone/doom stars sunn O))) to the billing for the shows from October 3 (San Francisco, California) to October 9 (Las Vegas, Nevada).

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