Rock n Women: Leaves' Eyes

(antiMusic) Our final week of the Rock n Women special is rolling right along. Today Morley speaks with Liv Kristine of Leaves' Eyes. In this excerpt Liv talks about how the band recently broke a world record.

antiMUSIC: You recently set a new world record for the promotional efforts of this record. Whose idea was this and how did you set it all up? (Hardest Signing Session by a Rock Band".)

Liv Kristine: Yeah, whose idea was it? I think it must been Alexander again. I go to sleep land (laughs). He's the one who comes up with ideas like this. We thought it would be much tougher. But it seems like not many people have thought about it. So we signed 5,000 copies. We're six people in the band, so that means 30, 000 signatures. We organised things very well. We just put heaps of booklets so that nothing got lost and everything was counted and everything was done in a structured way. So it went really well, there was no chaos. Even the kids were in the studio helping us out. Well there were no signatures from the kids (laughs) but they helped us. It gives you a good feeling to be a complete family in the studio and still doing important things. It gives you a good feeling. Everybody sticks together. It's a very comfortable situation in the band. [see the full story for the entire interview]
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