Cinder Join Rock Ridge

(PR) Florida-based band Cinder has signed with Rock Ridge Music. Their forthcoming album, "House Full Of No Trust," is due in stores on August 8th.

For those who recognize the name Cinder, it is likely from their earlier affiliation with Geffen Records. They signed to the label and recorded a debut album for Geffen ("Break Your Silence"), had one of the singles from said album ("Soul Creation") chart, and the band hit the road with Creed and Sevendust. The single, "Soul Creation," was also on four different video games as well. In an inexplicable industry move sure to incite confused head shaking, the band was dropped before the album was ever released!

Several years and a member change later, the band is finally releasing an album, "House Full Of No Trust." Already the first single, "The Fall," is impacting at radio. Cinder has been on the road with the likes of Dark New Day, Revery and Allele throughout the southeastern U.S. this summer, with a lot more touring planned. Band members are Roger Young (vocals), Kenny Craig (guitar), Steve Reich (bass), and Brian Colbert (drums).

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