RIAA Outta Sync

(DiR) A Little bit of a follow up about a story from a couple days ago about the Top 10 songs to Lip-sync to. Bolt sent us an explanation about how the list came about.

A few weeks ago a couple of people at bolt made this video, called "Do Not Disconnect" - (http://www.bolt.com/bolt/video/1347477) - it's a satire aimed at the RIAA's ineffectual attempts to thwart people from doing web karaoke.

The RIAA recently targeted YouTube for hosting certain music videos. If/when they turn their sights to Bolt, we'll oblige their requests to remove any unlicensed content, but we'll replace it with our version of the story! Check out our reply to NBC's recent cease and desist letter which required Bolt to remove "Lazy Sunday" and was promptly replaced with Hazy Monday [see full story for that]
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