Ween's Shinola

(PR) MVD Audio and Ween are pleased to announce Ween - Shinola Vol. 1 for US distribution on CD September 19, 2006.

Originally released by Ween's own Chocodog label, Shinola Vol. 1 is the first in a series of rarities collections by the ever-wacky Pennsylvania-based duo. Here Dean and Gene Ween's giddy, genre-hopping sound careens from distorted lo-fi ditties (the bizarre "Tastes Good on th' Bun") to surprisingly straightforward pop/rock tunes (the blatantly Elvis Costello-like "Gabrielle"). While this isn't the best starting point for newcomers to the band's absurd world (that would be THE MOLLUSK or CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE), Shinola Vol. 1 is sure to entertain the Ween faithful.

CD track listing: Tastes Good on th' Bun * Boys Club * I Fell in Love Today * Big Fat F*ck * Gabrielle * Did You See Me? * How High Can You Fly * Transitions * Israel * Rift * Monique the Freak * Someday

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