Clapton Fans Seeing Red

(antiMusic) [The following was an open letter submitted by some Russian Eric Clapton fans, edited to length. Since this is a reader submission we are unable to confirm it's validity but we will post a formal response if it is submitted] Clapton's Concert in Red Square Turning into Private Party. This is to inform you about some problems with the organizers of Eric Clapton's forthcoming concert in Moscow. The initial plant was to arrange a fans' area in front of the stage, and we got quite lucky to buy these tickets. However, yesterday we were proposed to return the tickets as this is now an area for VIP seats. Our fans' area tickets cost us around $50, and now the VIP seats are sold for $780�.Since the day the tickets were offered for sale the organizers have changed their prices several times.

We wonder how Clapton's tour management could agree to deal with an organizer as inexperienced as this. Do Eric and his management know that the fan's area has now been taken to a rear part of the square and he is supposed to face 50 rows of seats? Are they aware that there's still no formal permit for performing this concert in Red Square?

According to the organizers, removal of the fans' area was a requirement of Clapton's tour managers. Is it possible? We rather doubt. �We would like to bring this information to the notice of Clapton's management and get an explanation. The situation is quite ugly and we wouldn't like Eric to have bad memories of his Red Square concert.

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