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(antiMusic) If you are looking for a modern day Renaissance woman, look no further than Linda Perry. Whether you are talking about her personal musical career or her much sought after talents as a producer and songwriter, Perry has climbed heights others just dream about. With a resume stretching from Cheap Trick, Grace Slick and Christina Aguilera to Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love, Perry isn't afraid to step outside the box and make the artists she works with do the same. We conclude our Rock n Women special with a very special conversation Morley recently had with Linda where she gives us a lot of insight into her career and provides some exclusive insider stories as well! In this excerpt Linda tells us (for the very first time) the real story about how she helped make Pink's smash CD Missundaztood happen� despite the record company.

Here Linda just described how she hooked up with Pink and made the album. Linda : �There was no effort in making Missundaztood at all. Except for the fact that I did get fired, which is a funny story. I always forget about this. I actually got fired because the management on the label thought I was going too far. So they fired me. I was very upset by this, and going what? You're going to need this kind of music, she needs these songs. No body wants to hear this white girl with R&B music. She's not an R&B girl. So I hired myself back and went and finished all the songs we had started cuz we already had all the vocals and everything. I hired myself back, took my own money, paid for it, to finish it up and then gave it to them. And they were like, "Oh my god, this is brilliant!" And I was just, "You a-holes." That's the funny part. I was fired, and I hired myself back. They never hired me back, I just hired myself back.

antiMUSIC: That's amazing. Are those people still in their jobs?

Linda: Yeah�.no, no, no. One of them is gone. But that was a funny story that nobody actually knows. You're the first one.

[Could the "one" be Clive Davis?... no matter, there is a lot more to this exclusive interview, so click the full story to read it all! ]
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