Thrash Hockey

(PR) When the NHL�s Carolina Hurricanes skated their way to this year�s Stanley Cup victory they did it to the tune of Toronto�s instrumental thrash band Mastery. The Hurricanes had been using choice cuts from Mastery�s recently released �Lethal Legacy� album throughout the season and playoffs to get the players and fans pumped up.

Mastery�s new album �Lethal Legacy� is in stores now on Spinerazor/Corporate Punishment Records. The album has been receiving major buzz within the metal community with praise from Brave Words and Metal Maniacs who said, �While �Lethal Legacy� pays homage to the classic thrash of the late �80s/early �90s with nods to Testament, Forbidden, Vio-lence and Metallica, it doesn�t sound as if the band are pining for the glory days.� Decibel Magazine has also been singing the praises of Mastery brand of �instrumental�, as they gave the band a whopping 9/10 and called them, �Mastery of Puppets�. The band Posted tracks from their recently debut album at the full story link - Click here for the Full Story

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