Aiken's Mystery Man

(DiR) It's been a few days without a Clay Aiken rumor. Ok, we're a bit bored with this one too but for those with an interest we'll run with it� Here is a story courtesy of Faded Youth the much hated blog by Claybots: At the two public appearances [Clay Aiken] has made recently (Edmonton Oilers v Carolina Hurricanes: Game 5 and the recent Kelly Clarkson concert in Raleigh, NC) eagle eyed fans noticed a new mysterious guy accompanying the singer.

While staring at his KD Lang hairdo, Kelly Clarkson concert-goers particularly noted the apparent closeness between the two and the amount of whispering going on between them. Some fans believe that this guy is security for Clay, but other fans have noted this guy is nowhere near the physical presence of Aiken's traditional security guy, Jerome (who is a massively imposing black man). Ironically many have noted the strong physical resemblance to Aiken's alleged former tryst, John Paulus. Lastly, rumours abound that this guy has now moved into Aiken's Raleigh home. [See the full story for more including photos.. read into it what you may] - Click here for the Full Story

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