Greatest Metal Bands

(antiMusic) When you think metal, you think MTV. What you don't? Looking for Sabbath love on TRL only to find emo bands and Avenged Sevenfold? Fear not, hot on the heals of a similar list from their sister network, MTV has put together their list of the Top 10 Greatest Metal Bands of All Time. You can watch part of the debate that went into compiling the list in a new episode of "Overdrive" (video at the full story link) and read their reasons for the picks below at the full story link with a full explanation of how the list came about. Here is the final list:

1. Black Sabbath * 2. Judas Priest * 3. Metallica * 4. Iron Maiden * 5. Pantera * 6. Slayer * 7. AC/DC * 8. Motorhead * 9. Kiss * 10. Motley Crue - Click here for the Full Story

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