Double Fuzztones

(PR) 2005 marked the 25 year anniversary of garage-punk legends, The Fuzztones. During their career they inspired countless bands, and their influence is still being felt today. It then only seems logical that the timing would be right for a tribute to the Gurus of Garage Grunge, and Germany's Sin Records has seen to it.

Many of the bands featured have shared stages with The Fuzztones, and in fact one band (Lysergic Love) provided the idea for this album when they gave head Fuzztone Rudi Protrudi a CD filled with Fuzztones covers. More well known contributors include transgender punk icon Jayne County, who offers "You Tarzan, Me Jane," a sassy answer to The Fuzztones' "Me Tarzan You Jane." 80's garage legends, The Morlocks, perform "Black Box," originally written by singer Leighton Kozumi and Fuzztones guitarist Jordan Tarlow. Psych pioneers Plasticland's version of "Ward81" may just outcreep the original. 80's garage mainstays Marshmallow Overcoat deliver a goth-psych "Skeleton Farm," and death-country crooner Hank Ray's meloncholy "Ghost Clinic" may just inspire a suicide or two. - Click here for the Full Story

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