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(PR) Bolt Media today released the first ever song created entirely online by people who have never met, or even spoken to each other, by newly formed band, Orangeblood,.

The new song, called Gunshy, was created through weekly auditions held online on Bolt.com. The best and most original audition tape was added one-by-one to the track which eventually formed the song. The virtual audition created a community of musicians who gave constructive feedback, remixed tracks, and supported each other -- all in an online atmosphere.

Members - Lead Vocal: Steve, 21 - Florida. Day Job: Youth Pastor and lead singer in a band. * Lead Guitar: Saric, 31 - New York. Day Job: Musician * Bass Guitar: Steven, 34 - Los Angeles. Day Job: Musician / starving artist. * Drums: Nate, 20 - Indianapolis. Day Job: Student; Berklee School of Music * Keyboard: Jonathan, 17 - Alabama. Day Job: High school student. [see full story to download the song]
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