Scum Lampooned

(PR) Scum of the Earth (featuring former Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS) will have three songs appearing in the soundtrack for the up-coming "National Lampoon's TV the Movie" which is currently in post-production for release sometime this year. The songs which have been selected are "Murder Song", "Nothing Girl", and "I Am the Scum". The movie was directed by Sam Maccarone, and written by Preston Lacy. Starring in the movie are Steve-O (of Jackass fame), Danny Trejo (The Devil's Rejects, The Crow: Wicked Prayer), Preston Lacy (Jackass, MadTV), Abraham Benrubi (ER, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Lee Majors, among many others. The movie is described as "A celebration of the ever increasing depravity of television in our society-- it's a channel surfing adventure through the most utterly ridiculous spoofed television programming and commercials". Scum of the Earth's song "I Am The Scum" can be heard in the movie's trailer in conjunction with the movie's "Miami Mice" segment which can be viewed at the full story link. - Click here for the Full Story

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