Digital Abandoned

(PR) You just might not be aware, somehow, somewhere, unless your finger is on the pulse of LA nightlife. But if you are smart - and we know you are � that won�t stop you from learning about Los Abandoned. The result of this band�s imagination comes through on their debut album, Mix Tape, set for release on Vapor/ Sanctuary Records via download on July 11th, and on compact disc September 12th.

The online release of Mix Tape marks the first time Sanctuary Records has put out an album online to be followed by a physical release. The digital will contain two bonus tracks not available on the album - "Electricidad" and "Blindness."

Mix Tape can be found on July 11th on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Walmart.com, Urge, Yahoo! Music Store, MusicMatch, AOL MusicNow, Sony Connect and MSN Music among other digital outlets.

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