He Is Legend DeWarped

(Day in Rock) He Is Legend have decided to pull the plug on their Warped Tour plans. Here is a statement Posted on their MySpace: We are sorry to inform you that we have cancelled our Warped Tour dates. To be completely honest there are many reasons why this came about. Our bus situation fell through and our van and trailer could not be fixed in time to do the tour. Also, our brains fell through and we feel like they can't be fixed on Warped Tour. It wasnt wise financially for us to go in a bus by our lonesome and not physically or mentally safe to go in our van at this point in time. Over the last year we have put ourselves in a lot of trying and stressful situations. In our personal and professional opinions we feel as though, for the good of the band, it would be in our best interest to stay off of the road for a little while longer. We know this is last minute and upsetting to all of our supporters, but we feel that with the upcoming tours and our new record coming out in the fall, that this is the best way for us to continue to be the best band ever & to continue to be that throughout the years to come. We would like to apologize to the fans looking forward to seeing our show and we promise that we will make it up to you in the near future. - Click here for the Full Story

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