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(PR) Florida theatrical/industrial metallists Deadstar Assembly have recently shot a lead off video, "Killing Myself Again," from their just-released sophomore full-length, 'Unsaved.' Comprised of members Dearborn (vocals), the Dro (bass), Cygnus (drums), DreGGs (guitar) and new member sKuz (who replaces Mubo on keyboards), the video proves to be the group's most over-the-top yet, according to Dearborn - thanks to producer Rey 'Darkhak' Gutierrez.

"We showed up to the set with meal worms, giant African millipedes, Jager, a bag of blood we got from an animal clinic, Tasers, violet wands, ball gags, etc. We knew this wasn't a concept video, so we did things more for an aesthetic appeal. The color, the grain, the antics and props were all real and we just had fun and experimented with them. Rey had no idea what we were going to show up with, he thought it was just five guys in make-up with our instruments, next thing you know we are smashing his fluorescent lights and eating live worms and doing shots of Jager. It was by far the easiest and most exciting video the band has done to date." [see it at the full story link]
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