Fab 4 Ever

(PR) Emmanuel Santarromana's second studio album "Fab 4 Ever" is far more than a cover album. Created with sweet melodies, robot-pop, Irish folk and southern ecstasy, "Fab 4 Ever" is a great way to revisit those classic songs from John, Paul, George and Ringo. [Out October 10 2006]

1.Back in the USSR (feat. Emmanuel Santarromana)
2.Come together (feat. Zita Lotis-Faure)
3.Blackbird (feat. Marie Payen)
4.You've got to hide your love away (feat. Emmanuel Santarromana)
5.Paperback writer (feat. D´┐Żah)
7.Strawberry fields forever (feat. Emmanuel Santarromana)
8.Tomorrow never knows (feat. Newton)
9.Across the universe (feat. Constance Verluca)
10.Day tripper (feat. Marie Payen)
11.We can work it out (feat. Emmanuel Santarromana)
12.Sun king (feat. Blanca Li)

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