Claypool's Quest for Pumphouse

(antiMusic) Les Claypool is a regular renaissance man. He just released a new solo CD, 'Of Whales and Woe', and Morley jumped at the chance to speak with him about it but they also delved into other projects Les is working on, here is an excerpt from the new MorleyView where Les discusses his new film and book.

antiMUSIC: What can you tell us about your film "Quest For Festeroo"?

Les Claypool: It's a mockumentary about a group of aging musicians that have been playing around Northern California in the jam band, hippie world. It's about a student filmmaker that documents these guys catching a couple of breaks�catching a couple of big breaks. It's very dry, sorta Ricky Gervais, BBC Office=kinda dry. I appear in it, yes. It's been in a few film festivals. And we've won some awards. Premiered it at Bonnaroo last week. And we're just trying to get distribution for it right now. We've had some offers for straight to DVD distribution but we really want to get some sort of art house theatrical release. Holding off.

antiMUSIC: What can you tell us about your novel, "South of the Pumphouse"?

Les Claypool: It's not out yet, it'll be out in a couple of weeks. It's available at my shows right now, but that's about it. It started as a screen play, a 60 page screen play that I wrote about 10 years ago, and it eventually evolved into a 129 page screen play. We tried to make the film. I had started a production company and had raised money and lost money and had producers come on and come off. And finally I just said, I'm going to write it in novel form, so at least exists somewhere before it's convoluted by a bunch of producers and film makers. So. There it is. [see the full story link to read the full MorleyView]
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