Smooth Up Reunion

(PR) As part of his month-long Bananiversary Celebration, rock & roll comic C.C. Banana spoke with singer Marq Torien about the current state of the BulletBoys as well as Marq's recently-completed new album. A few excerpts from the interview follow:

C.C. Banana: What is the present status of the BulletBoys? Does the band even exist at this point? Who is in the current lineup and are there any plans to tour or release a new album?

Marq Torien: There is going to be a BulletBoys semi-reunion and we'll be doing some shows during the summer and into the fall. I say "semi" because there is one member who is still resistant to the idea. I love this guy very much and I just wish he'd come back so that the four of us can do what we do best. I care about this person immensely and I think he's one of the greatest musicians I've ever played with. We shared a lot of things together and we've gone to battle alongside one another in the music world. So far I've spoken with both Lonnie Vencent and Mick Sweda and they're both on board. Lonnie's definitely ready to go and Mick has said that the only thing he'd ever turn down is a warm Budweiser. So we'll just have to see what happens with Jimmy D'Anda.
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