NY Dolls Penthouse

(antiMusic) The September issue of Penthouse is hitting newsstands on Tues, Aug. 1st and features an interview with New York Dolls frontman David Johansen. Below are just a couple of the quotes for the article:

Q: Do you think KISS would agree that you influenced them?

A: "I've read in their interviews that they feel we influenced them, but I really don't think about it. When we were kids we used to play at this joint in Queens and KISS used to open for us. At the time they were called Phoenix. They were like a Grateful Dead kind of band - the Queens version! A gum-chewing Grateful Dead."

Q: Do the new Dolls still sound like the original Dolls?

A: "I think we sound more like Styx, on acid!"

Q: Is hip-hop the new punk rock?

A: "I don't think its punk rock. I think it's pop. I don't think it's like punk rock b/c it's too popular."

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