The Shoes Make the Man?

(antiMusic) Do the shoes make the man? Ask Eddie Van Halen who popped in for an impromptu jam at House of Petals in Hollywood this past Thursday. While it is rare enough to see Eddie out in public performing, many are scratching their heads at his fashion which included stone-washed jeans with ripped knees, and shoes that look like they were stolen from a Hollywood bum. And of course, his pink shirt was not on his back. Why do we bring this up? Because it's funny and you need a good laugh for Monday. You can see the photo evidence at the full story link and look for the new line of Eddie Van Halen shoes to hit stores this Fall; they will be all the rage at the Rainbow you can bet! Now click on over and get a load of Mr. Van Halen and give us one good reason why he shouldn't bite the bullet and get back out with David Lee Roth, for his own sanity! [thanks to Rita Wilde for the link] - Click here for the Full Story

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