Let Bo Rock

(antiMusic) Some American Idol fans hoped that Bo Bice would finally bring some rock credibility to the televised karaoke contest. Unfortunately, Bo wasn't allowed to rock� instead he was put through the RCA Cheese Factory � by Clive Davis � for his debut album and the result was a Nickleback B-Sides album. The fans weren't happy. So some have taken it upon themselves to protest to the King of Cheese himself a.k.a. Clive 'Schmaltz' Davis. They have started an online petition urging the cheese master to drop the outside cheese makers and let Bo write and record his own music for his second album. In other words, let him rock! It's an uphill battle and not likely to pay off because despite reality smacking him in the face, Clive always seems to think he knows best, but if you want to join the valiant effort to let Bo be Bo, then click the full story link to sign the petition. - Click here for the Full Story

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