666 Wrong?

(antiMusic) If you got that 666 tattoo you may have to have it corrected. If you are afraid to leave the house today in fear of the Beast of Revelation coming to town, have no fear since the Bible passage states it's the number of the beast's name not a date and also since scholars in England last year discovered the answer that the long debate on whether the number was really 666. It turns out it's not, it's really 616.

Researchers in England have been studying 400,000 pieces of papyri that were discovered in 1895 near Oxyrhynchus, Egypt. The papyri are believed to date back to around 300 A.D. (about a hundred years older than other sources of the Book Revelation.) With the use of modern technology, these researchers discovered last year that the passage is chi, iota, sigma which translates to 616 not the much feared 666. The debate has raged for centuries about who the mystical number represents. Some feel the 616 represented Roman Emperor Caligula (played by Malcolm McDowell) who ruled over Rome at the time the biblical book was written. Others think that the 666 represents Nero. We here at antiMusic suspect that both camps are wrong as our unscientific research finds that the number may refer to either Clay Aiken (birth name Clayton Holmes Grissom) or Katie Couric (no hate mail from the Claybots, it was a stupid joke). That should scare you, but a date on a calendar shouldn't. But to celebrate 6.6.06 our metalheaded sister site Thrashpit officially launches today. (we were going to link you to a Barry Manilow song but decided that was just too evil). Click the full story link to check out the Pit!
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