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(PR) MVD and Picture Stable are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Chrome & Helios Creed - Dual Forces for worldwide distribution on DVD August 8th.

This DVD features both Chrome and Helios Creed. It contains three classic Chrome videos produced between 1980 and 1983: "New Age", "Meet You in the Subway", and "Danger Zone". Also included is the never released video for "Firebomb", plus live footage from the 1998 Chrome tour. Chrome was one of the first industrial musical groups. At its core, Chrome consisted of Helios Creed (guitar) and Damon Edge (Drums and synthesizers), although it was formed by Gary Spain (bass, guitar, vocals) and Edge in 1976. When the band split up, Edge continued on with the name, playing with the Bros. Stench. The music was quite different: still loud abrasive post-punk music, but less experimental in texture. Edge moved to France and released several records under the name Chrome.

Edge died in Los Angeles the summer of 1995, of heart failure. After his death, Helios picked up the name and began releasing new material.

The Helios Creed videos featured are "The Rant" and "Your Spaceman" originally produced for Amphetamine Reptile Records. There is also live footage from the Deep Blue Love Vacuum tour in 2006.

As a bonus, the program "A Timeline" has been included. It spans thirty years, covering the discography and history of Chrome and Helios Creed.

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