Cult of Slayer

(PR) There certainly was a shift in the universe this past Tuesday - the day of 6.6.06 - as commercial radio stations started spinning SLAYER's brand new song, "Cult." Hold on...SLAYER on COMMERCIAL radio? This must be End of Times, indeed.

Some three dozen commercial radio stations across the country started playing "Cult" on Tuesday, including WRIF/Detroit, KISW/Seattle, KXXR/Minneapolis, KEYJ/Abilene and KUPD/Phoenix. As far as we know, none of the stations were struck by lightening, no swarms of locust appeared, and no one showed up to work the following day with the Mark of the Beast. "Cult," which is also available for download at iTunes and will be on Slayer's brand new, as yet untitled album due out July 25, includes the lyric:

The pestilence is Jesus Christ
There never was a sacrifice
No man upon the crucifix
Beware the cult of purity
Infectious imbecility
I've made my choice. Six six six.

Six-Six-O-Six also marked the day that Slayer's limited edition EP, "Eternal Pyre," went on sale exclusively at Hot Topics stores. Twenty-four hours after the
EP became available, numerous Hot Topics had sold out, store staffers reporting the EPs "flying off the shelves." We're confident that was sales-related as
opposed to a miraculous occurrence. The EP's track listing includes "Cult," as well as a live version of "War Ensemble," recorded at last year's Full Force
Festival, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the new album. No word yet if more Eps will be manufactured.

Slayer kicks off the six-week-plus "Unholy Alliance Tour: Preaching to the Perverted" on June 15 at Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ.

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