Wedren Shudders to Think Solo

(PR) Craig Wedren will be doing a couple of shows this month at the Hotel Cafe to promote his new CD Lapland, and he will be playing with a few members of his old band Shudder to Think.

Thursday, June 15th and Thursday June 29th
Hotel Cafe
1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
9:00 p.m. sharp

Craig Wedren launched his career as the front man and founding member of the widely acclaimed avant punk band Shudder To Think. With Shudder Craig released hard-hitting, intelligent, records for both the revered indy, Dischord Records and for Epic Records. The song X-French T-Shirt from Pony Express Record became an MTV "Buzz Clip," as Craig's unique style of song writing, and unearthly falsetto forged a new standard for punk, rock, and all that falls in between. Under Craig's leadership Shudder To Think recorded songs and scores for a number of widely respected independent films including High Art, Velvet Goldmine and First Love Last Rites which featured guest vocalists including Jeff Buckley, Billy Corgan, and Liz Phair. Craig continues to compose for film and has worked on Wet Hot American Summer, Roger Dodger, Laurel Canyon, School of Rock, p.s.,and the upcoming Beautiful Ohio and Reno 911: Miami.

This Spring, Craig released his debut solo album on Conor Oberst's Team Love Records. Wedren recorded this album, LAPLAND in New York City with drummer Kevin March of Guided by Voices and Shudder To Think, guitarist Kevin McGinnis and engineer Carl Glanville (U2), with backing vocals courtesy of Angela McClusky, Amy Miles and Tara Angell.

Lapland features a collection of songs that would have appeared on the next Shudder To Think album (if they were still active), rare songs Craig has composed for film, and other new material. " I think it feels like a slightly mellower, clearer, and more organic / oceanic Shudder To Think," says Wedren.

"I'm so relieved to be making this record. It's like I've been holding my breath for the last six years and can finally let it out again." Lapland is a guitar and vocal driven return to more personal songwriting.

In contrast to Lapland, Craig Wedren has recently enjoyed the success of his New York-based disco-pop outfit, Baby. The Village Voice hails that "every song makes you want to shake your ass," Time Out New York calls their debut a 'glamorous pop record, and Blender has said, "Wedren's voice sounds more at home here than it ever has before."

Lapland marks a return for Wedren to the fundamental task of writing and recording an album solely for his own expressive purposes. "Team Love is a real home for my music, versus some relative P.O. box of a major label, with a real artist at the helm, versus some bean counter who's worried about losing his or her job," says Wedren. "In this particularly grisly time in the music industry, working with this label is a blessing, an honor and - again - a total relief."

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