AFI Rules MySpace and Beyond

(antiMusic) AFI live up to their acronym as they have ignited a fire inside of their fans and scored a No. 1 debut on the Billboard Album charts for their latest 'decemberunderground' as well as made Myspace history by being the first band to reach 500,000 single-day plays on their MySpace page. As a result, the MySpace powers that be have given the band the very first MySpace Music Award.

"This is the first time a band has had over a half-million song plays on MySpace in a single day so we wanted to recognize this unbelievable accomplishment with something new," said Tom Anderson, president of MySpace. "In recognition of this milestone we're announcing AFI as the first recipient of the 'MySpace Music Award.'"

"It's amazing," commented AFI guitarist Jade Puget. "It's a testament to both MySpace and to our fans."

'decemberunderground' sold 202,634 units its first week in stores according to siN's Metal News. The three year wait since the release of the band's last effort "Sing the Sorrow" seems to have paid off. The band told Billboard that they delay wasn't due to the band goofing off, in fact they had over 100 songs to sort through to find the perfect dozen for the album. "We were working on this album intensely since we got off the road on the last one. To write that much material and sort through it and develop it takes an enormous amount of time," Puget told Billboard. If this case it looks like the hard work paid off.

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