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(PR) Rock outfit instar is taking part in the latest incarnation of online music sharing by utilizing Creative Commons licenses for the release of some older songs and live shows. Creative Commons, the innovative nonprofit founded by Wired columnist and Stanford Law School professor Lawrence Lessig (http://creativecommons.org), provides artists and creators of all types (music, text, video, images, etc.) with licenses which bridge the gap between no-sharing copyright rules and the sites which were sharing everything and should not have been under copyright law. Band mastermind Karl von Kries is releasing some older material (approximately one track a week) with a Creative Commons non-commercial sampling plus license (described on the CC website as: �People can take and transform pieces of the work for any purpose other than advertising, which is prohibited. Noncommercial copying and distribution [like file-sharing] of the entire work are also allowed.�). In addition to the studio material that will be available in this license scenario, von Kries is also planning to release live shows as CC tracks within days of the concert, a la Dead board tapes or Pearl Jam's live CD series. All will be available for download at the full story link - Click here for the Full Story

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