Wacko Jacko Suit

(TMZ) Michael Jackson unmercifully harassed a Los Angeles woman, tampering with her food and water and threatening her life, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The bizarre case, filed by Helen Harris-Scott, alleges that she began sending Jackson cards and letters in 1986, declaring her "love and admiration" for the singer. The plaintiff claims Jackson was "shy" and communicated with her through others and through his music.

Harris-Scott claims things turned ugly around 1987 when Jackson, who was "connected with criminals," flattened her tires and tampered with her brake system. She also says a GPS tracking device was secretly installed in her car, tracking her every move. She says her phone was also wiretapped. Harris-Scott claims it got even worse, alleging Jackson had "organized criminals watching me inside my house in L.A. and reporting to him." [She went coo-coo when he thought about her cocoa puffs! See full story for more of this strangeness]
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