Morningwood Injury

(PR) [Morningwood's] Chantal here. Those of you that read my blog and know me know that I hurt my knee pretty bad while we were touring in Europe last month. It has been hurting quite a bit ever since and more so the past few days. I just got back from the doctor and he has insisted that I take a week off for my dumb knee so I don't permanently f*** it up and am not forced to have surgery. That being said we were forced to make the unfortunate decision to cancel a FEW upcoming shows on our first ever headlining tour. WAHHHHH! I am so super bummed.

So sadly Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis will have to do without Morningwood for a little while. We are so upset about it and HATE to cancel things with a passion and would only do so if it were a dire situation. We PROMISE we will make it up to all of you cities 10 fold, and we thank you in advance for understanding.

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