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(PR) After releasing five Motley Crue books exclusively through CafePress in April, publisher Chronological Crue (www.CrueTime.com) now launches a brand-new interview with an instrumental figure in the formation of the world's most notorious rock band.

John Crouch, dubbed 'Stick' by the Crue members, opens up and tells how he dedicated a period of his life to ensure that his best friend in Mick Mars made it to number one. Acting as his chauffeur, bodyguard, roadie and more, Crouch engaged his brother-in-law Allan Coffman to manage the band, while he co-ordinated Motley Crue's first over-the-top stage productions.

Coffman passed away from a brain tumour in 1992, just weeks after the original Motley Crue line-up split for the first time upon Vince Neil's departure. Images of Coffman's gravesite in Grass Valley, California are published for the first time with this new interview at Chronological Crue.

Amongst a variety of tales, Crouch re-counts the time he drove Mick Mars to jam with Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee for the very first time, and the chemistry that was clearly evident in Sixx's North Hollywood home that day. Amongst other stories of slamming Dirty Mother cocktails and getting more Styofoam heads for Vince Neil to cut-up, Crouch also tells his horror at seeing the band's very first independent Too Fast For Love album covers on the day he picked them up from the printers.

As Motley Crue now prepares for a North American tour with Aerosmith in September, fans can read stories behind the Crue's first-ever live performances in 1981. Stick's unselfish dedication to Mick Mars and the rest of the band, played a key role in helping Motley quickly attract an early legion of fans. Those fans continue to remain loyal some twenty-five years on and Motley is still impressing audiences with their over-the-top stage theatrics.

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